Posted on Monday, 27 February

These women embody the essence of the deeFind spirit. Hazel Rose (40 Love) and Denise Wallace are HARDCANDY: Too cold. Too fierce. Peep their new video “Sweet Shop”. <3

A Holiday-Fashion Success!

Posted on Tuesday, 20 December

We missed you … and this year’s season of “Feminine Ferocity” has had the deeFind dream team in the fashion trenches for so long, working so hard, that we had to recharge our batteries just so we could update you! The deeFind “All of the Lights” launch party was truly a holiday-fashion spectacle—just as we dreamed it would be. So many fashion-savvy patrons, businesses, San Francisco fashion-industry leaders, photographers and independent artists were in attendance, including beautiful and fierce rapper MC Haze from the group 40Love, Mike Borozdin of DocuSign, Beer Cicerone Sayre Piotrkowski from Monk’s Kettle and Bousa Concepts, just to name a handful. Check out the pix from this dazzling night of fashion (more on our FB page). Video coming soon!